High Five Sports provides activities in a positive atmosphere. Kids learn sport skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and develop a positive self esteem. 

Give me a “high five” to that!

An INDOOR soccer program for girls and boys ages 4, 5, and 6.  (Call or email if you have an interested 3 year old.)

Program is:     During the day on Tuesdays

                        No weekends or evenings


                        Taught by a State Certified Physical Educator

                        Twenty years experience teaching/coaching youth

                        A successful sport for young kids

                        A perfect way to keep your child active

                        Fun, fun, and more fun.....your child will ask “is there soccer today?”

A typical day: 

  1. 1.  Get loose with a dynamic warm-up: walk like a bear, kangaroo hop, walk the plank, and more...

2.  Skill building Activities:  dribble through a lava field, knock cones down with sharp passes,  and dribble away from sharks.

3.  Play the “Big Game”:  Show skills, speed, and teamwork the last part of class. Game On!!

4.  Finish with High Fives!

Please call with questions 206-794-1088

Your child will love the experience, and so will you.

See below for location, registration information, dates, times, and cost.

Register anytime...Session can be prorated.

*Located in downtown Snohomish. 

*Stay dry during play.

*There is room for younger siblings to move about as parents watch.

*Parents sit, relax, and enjoy.  So many cute things happen!

Located at the Snohomish Soccer Dome.

The next session begins February 21st.  If you miss the start date, we do consider prorating the session if space allows.

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Big Fun for Little Kids!!

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Sorry, the program will not be running this year.